Let Us Celebrate!

That’s right, kids. Can you believe we’ve been around for a whole year now?

Keep out the dates. It’s September 12, 2013. The first post on the site (one in which we simply called out writers to help in our endeavor) is dated September 12, 2012, a full year ago.

It’s been a long, crazy year, and the site has grown much more than Leroy and I could have anticipated when we started this up last year. We just wanted a small site to keep us writing, give us a bit of reason to keep up on comics and nerd news, and give the world a little insight into the minds of two nerds. But look where it’s taken us!

We’ve got almost a dozen writers with us on the blog now, covering almost every aspect of the nerd world we can fathom! Leroy and I have started a podcast and made a bit of a name for ourselves on that front. We’ve even had some big names on for interviews, and have had a lot of fun with friends.

However, just because we are a year old doesn’t mean we are close to death. We have a long way to go, and there are plenty of amazing ideas floating around the Let Us Nerd Office. You should hear some of the talk around the water cooler! Big stuff is coming to the podcast, including big interviews, epic crossovers, and some very special episodes coming up throughout the rest of the year.

As for the blog, we are always looking for new ideas and anyone who has something to offer. If this is you, or if you have any crazy ideas you’d like to see, drop us a line at LetUsNerd@gmail.com. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some ::AHEM:: rather noticeable changes around here in the coming weeks. We’ve split our shell, kids. It’s time to find a bigger one, and Leroy and I have some good ideas of exactly what our new shell should be.

Finally, thank you so much to all the readers and contributors. Without you, this would just be a site where Leroy and I write things for each other! What kind of website is that? Not a very good one at all It’s more like… a string of text messages.

Thanks again to everyone who’s been involved, thanks to the readers, and thanks to those who contributed. You know who you are.

One year down, a million more to go. To the ends of the Earth, lads.

Truly ghjr


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