No Batman for Bieber (Thank God)

Apparently there was a photo making the internet rounds this weekend showing Justin Bieber posing for a mirror-aided selfie while holding a script for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. As does anything in the age of the uninformed blogger, it spread like wildfire across the blog-o-sphere as gospel fact. But, like most anything Justin Bieber does, it ended up being a joke.

Bieber and the Script

As I sat and read the GeekTyrant article about the photo, I began to wonder how this could have actually been taken seriously. For starters, wouldn’t you think that the film’s casting director or even Zack Snyder himself would have seen Bieber’s, uh, awesome work on CSI a few years back? If not, this is the only clip you need to see.

What caught my eye about this script was the citing of the source material. The cover reads:

Based on



Frank Miller and Klaus Janson

Now, the actual issue that featured the fight between Batman and Superman was titled “The Dark Knight Falls,” however the overarching work was titled The Dark Knight Returns. Whenever someone is looking for the source material to research for a role, they are going to have a harder time finding that specific issue rather than a trade of the whole story. Even more, I would suppose that the entire premise of the story would be based on the character built over the entire story arc and not one isolated chunk. I’m no expert on scripts, and I could be totally wrong on this, but that cited source alone would have at least made me question the legitimacy of the picture, and left cause for me to not immediately post the photo as fact. 

Justin Bieber be warned. Don’t mess with the fire that is Batman fandom lest ye wants scorched. Have you not seen the backlash hurled at Ben Affleck upon the legitimate announcement of his being the Batman? Do you really think that, if you were cast for a role in the film, that you wouldn’t be burnt in effigy in the street outside your mansion? Trust me, boy blunder, you don’t know the crowd you’re toying with.

But, you would make a very feminine Carey Kelly, if I do say so myself…

Justin Bieber-Teen Choice Awards 2012, Gibson Ampitheatre, Los Angeles, 07/22/2012


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