Dexter’s Final Cuts: Catching Up


You're going to be smothered... by spoilers!

You’re going to be smothered… by spoilers!

I realize I don’t really owe any of you an explanation. I don’t get paid to do this. I run this shit.

Well, along with Leroy, but you understand what I’m getting at.

I don’t have to provide an explanation for the absence of Dexter posts recently. And by “recently,” I mean for half the friggin’ season. That’s my bad. I want to blame the fact that NOTHING has happened over the last six episodes, which is only partly true. You’ll find that in a bit, when I distill six episodes into a surprisingly short post.

I’ve just been busy. Life caught me in its web, and I kept saying I was going to catch back up after PopCon, and it just didn’t happen. I haven’t been motivated to write, but just about Dexter. It’s really easy to make a commitment to reviewing every episode of a season when the season is amazing.

This one hasn’t been.

That being said, let’s get caught up before this Sunday’s series finale.

1. Zach is dead. The Brain Surgeon killed him.
2. The Brain Surgeon killed Cassie.
3. Oliver Saxon is actually Daniel Vogel, Dr. Vogel’s son that was thought to be dead.
4. Oliver Saxon/Daniel Vogel is the Brain Surgeon.
5. Oliver Saxon/Daniel Vogel/Brain Surgeon killed Dr. Vogel in her house, directly in front of Dexter.
6. The police are on Hannah McKay’s tail after she allows Harrison to get hurt and takes him to the emergency room, where she uses Deb’s name but is identified as the fugitive.
7. Dexter had Oliver on his table, but left him for the cops. Unfortunately, he talked the Marshall that was tailing Deb into letting him go, then stabbed the Marshall, shot Deb, and went after Dexter.

I know that seems like a lot, but that’s basically all the happened in six episodes. There’s this weird thing about Deb and Quinn still being in love, and all this crap about people missing Dexter when he’s gone. It’s all just fluff to make us feel worse by comparison when shit goes crazy on Sunday, I’m sure.

Still, all the stuff I listed above is pretty important. Tons of people are dead, and the previews show Dexter and Hannah being pursued multiple parties, one who wants them in jail, another who wants them dead.

It’s become a swirling hurricane of a show (not unlike the storm that threatens to keep Dexter’s flight grounded and keep the wanted fugitive Hannah McKay in Miami), and I’m not totally sure of how it’s going to resolve. If you remember back to my first post of the season, I had a small list of predictions. I won’t rehash them til it resolves next week, but if you want to check it out, you can find it here.

I’m rethinking my idea about Dexter turning the knife on himself because he’s become the monster he normally kills. In fact, in this past episode, Dexter has been resolute on not killing anymore, insisting he’s a changed man. He tells Oliver that not only does he not need to kill him, he doesn’t even want to be in the kill room. He just wants to be with the woman he loves: Hannah.

All in all, I have no clue how this is going to end, but I think it’s only fitting for it to end the way it began: a bloody mess of death, wrapped in plastic and sunk to the bottom of Bay Harbor. Only time will tell.


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