Let Us Podcast, Ep. 34 – Jorp and the Pussycorps

Happy Holidays, nerds! We are from the future where it’s a day before Christmas. Okay, not really. But, we are here bearing the gift of a new podcast! In this episode, Greg is back and we talk about DC Comics’ Villain’s Month solicitations, the Pittsburgh Comic Con, the first ever Let Us Podcast Radio Theater audio play, and the true lyrics to the Josie (Jorp) and the Pussycats theme song. 

[audio https://letusnerd.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/let-us-podcast-ep-34-jorp-and-the-pussycorps.mp3]

THERE’S STILL TIME! If you are interested in having a small speaking part (that’s all that’s left at this point) in the radio play, My Immortal, shoot us an e-mail at letusnerd@gmail.com, and we can hook you up with the lines (provided that you can supply the recording).

Also, included below are the photos of Greg with some cosplay ladies (at the urging of 5 Seconds in the Paint’s Stephen Gertzand Leroy with the old Ironsides. Hope you enjoy! Until next time…

Lady Flash and Killer Frost

Lady Flash and Killer Frost

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn


The Old Ironsides


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