Stuff & Thangs, Episode 5 – 405 & 406

Ahoy, survivors! Greg and I are here to steer you through the apocalypse that is The Walking Dead. Each week, we will recap the episode for you and chat about what we liked, what we didn’t, and how it compares to the comic book. We must stress that there will be SPOILERS in every episode, so if you haven’t seen this week’s or any other episode we choose to talk about, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST… yet.

After an unplanned hiatus (thanks, wind storm and cheap satellite!) we’re back with another edition of Stuff & Thangs! This week, Greg and I discuss the episodes “Internment” (405) and “Live Bait” (406), both of which deal in some part with the return of The Governor! So, tune in if you can and listen if you dare, because Stuff & Thangs is back with a vengeance!


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