The Safest Place on Gallifrey – Almost

Wow. It’s almost the 23rd. When David Tennant joked – during his last comic-con appearance as the Doctor – that he might be back for the 50th anniversary, it sounded so far away. Now we have two days.




So weird. Doctor Who still feels like the little show that kept me happy when I had the flu. The world that helped me escape serious depression after some stupid romantic hijinks. Of course it was never the “little” show I perceived it to be. Doctor Who has been a phenomenon for decades, (even if took America forever to catch on to it) and the fact that we are two days (seriously -two!) away from its 50th birthday just proves it.

Instead of composing grandiose soliloquies glorifying my love for the show (which I’m dangerously close to doing), I’ll just keep reviewing the new material released in anticipation for the special.

Obviously the big mini episode (big mini?) was Night of the Doctor. If you haven’t seen it, you should really be ashamed of yourself. Not trying to be a jerk. But, seriously. What’s your f*cking problem? Go watch it!

Yesterday a new mini episode was released called The Last Day. You can watch it on itunes, if you’re into that sort of thing, but I watched it over here:


No old Doctors show up, but you do get to see more of the Time Lords and Gallifrey and the militarization of this usually passive race. It’s neat, nothing to nerdgasm over, but good stuff nonetheless. I love seeing aspects of the Time Lords we either haven’t seen or rarely do. A really cool way of building anticipation for the 50th without making it all about The Doctor.

Well, tonight is the premiere of the docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time, written by Mark Gatiss and detailing the early years of Doctor Who. From what I’ve seen it looks stupendous and I can’t wait to watch.

See you all in two days.




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