Stuff & Thangs, Episode 7 – 408 (Mid-season Finale)

Ahoy, survivors! We’re back with our mid-season finale edition of Stuff & Thangs: A Walking Dead Companion Podcast. This week, Greg and I tackle the very tough episode, “Too Far Gone.” It is no lie when I say that this episode turned on the tear factory, especially when [SPOILERS] kills [SPOILERS], and then [SPOILERS] causes rocks to fall on [SPOILERS] while [SPOILERS] laughs with glee.

Do you wanna know the spoilers? Well, then you’d better check out this episode where we blow it wide open!

Don’t fret, troopers! We will be back during the hiatus with a podcast or two to hold you over until the mid-season premiere on February 9, 2014. And, if you can’t get enough of us, be sure to check out Let Us Podcast which is also available on iTunes. We hope to have some holiday fun for you soon! And, as always:

Hate Mail

Love Mail



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