Let Us Podcast, Ep. 39 – Cats & Thangs

That’s right, nerds! We’re back with another episode of Let Us Podcast. This week, Greg and I discuss the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, “The Day of the Doctor.” Then, we get into the then breaking news of Wonder Woman’s casting in the new Batman / Superman film. Finally, we discuss the posibility of creating a podcast called “Cats & Thangs” as an attempt to slight the Twitter troll, @Jakestatefarm82. As always, it’s a fun time.

As an aside, I do apologize for the quality of this week’s episode. Something went amiss in the recording, and I wasn’t able to fix it in post. I promise that it’ll be better next time.

Be sure to subscribe to our other podcast, Stuff & Thangs, on iTunes (we are on a mid-season hiatus right now). You can do that by clicking here. Also, be sure to subscribe to Let Us Podcast, which is also available on iTunes. And, as always:

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