Merry Christmas!

::Adjusts bowtie::

It’s that fantastic time of the year again where all the black eyes from post-Thanksgiving Day shopping have healed, and the cold in the air can’t quell the warm spirit in your heart. Yes, friends, it’s Christmas, and I couldn’t be more excited for it. All the lights, and the snow (please?), and the gifts, and the food, I think I could explode with excitement! But, above all of those things, I’m thankful for the year we’ve had here at Let Us Nerd.

Unleashing The WolfI could bore you with personal junk about having a great wife, great kids, great friends, but I won’t. But, I will bore you with singing your praises for being a faithful and loyal reader. I know that I haven’t written much recently, and that’s 100% my fault, but it wasn’t like you were without great writers to read, myself not included in that statement. My thanks also goes out to Dustin, Gabe, Dave, and Greg for being there and putting out great stuff.

I also want to thank those who tune in to our podcasts (especially Stephen Gertz, who’s now a fancy sports writer, and probably won’t be reading this anyhow.) “Let Us Podcast,” “Let Us Roll,” and “Stuff & Thangs.” Those shows are great fun to make, especially when I get to do it with my good chum Greg Hayhurst. As our podcasting guru Kevin Smith once told us (and everyone else who’s ever listened to one of his productions) podcasting is easy. Just sit down with your friends and talk. If you like what we do, why not sit down and do it yourself? We’ve all got a story to tell. Why not tell yours? Be sure to keep up with us, because we may have some new podcasts brewing for the new year.

I can’t thank you enough for sticking with us on this little journey into nerdom. What started as a joint venture with Greg to find a way to vent and unplug from the crazy events that engulf our world has started to bud into something more. We’ve made great connections over the year, especially when it came to the writers we’ve run across, and the various opportunities that have opened up before us. I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to 2014 with excitement, and I hope you will come along with us and enjoy whatever it is that next year holds.

So, for everyone here at Let Us Nerd, I’d like to wish you and yours a very happy Christmas. We hope that your nerd hearts explode with awesomeness tomorrow as you not only unwrap awesome swag from hither and thither, but also some good memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Be safe, be smart, and above all else, don’t blink.

We’ll see you soon.




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