Let Us Podcast, Ep. 42 – The Controversial Episode

That’s right, nerds. We’re back with another episode of Let Us Podcast! This week, Greg sits down to issue an apology for a grievous error he made during our Final Countdown 2013 episode. So, while we were on the subject, we decided to discuss some recent controversies that have made their way into the public eye. Topics up for discussion were the Phil Robertson affair (both his homophobic remarks and his cheating past), the Natasha Leggero / Spaghetti O’s blunder (and why a harmless tweet turned hurtful**), and the Kevin Smith misogyny nightmare, where I choose not to defend him.

So please,  come chew the fat with us, and by all means, if we offend you… SEND US HATE MAIL! Ha ho! Seriously though, if you’re easily offended (I’d figure we’d have weeded all those folks out by now), don’t listen to this episode. It gets pretty saucy. But, what would we be without a little controversy in our lives, huh?

We’d be The Teetotalers Delight podcast, right!

** EDITOR’S NOTE: It wasn’t until I linked an article to this page that I realized the real reason why everyone was mad over the Spaghetti O’s tweet. I would suppose that a huge, walking, smiling spaghetti ring holding an American flag could be seen as exploiting a tragedy. Still, though, I think Americans have become too sensitive, and overly seek out things that “offend” them, if they even know what that word means anymore. But, I will issue a statement about this on the next podcast, devoid of the flourishes of Greg’s apology. “Keepin’ ’em honest” has been my new unofficial motto of the new year, and I’m sticking to it. The articles I read up to the podcast didn’t show the photo or mention it, so I had no clue until now. For that, I apologize, and will do so again next week. – {Leroy}

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