‘Let Us Podcast’ Is Now On Stitcher!

Ahoy, friends! I come bearing great news. Let Us Podcast, that quirky comedy show from me and my chum Greg is now on Stitcher, the internet’s foremost news radio and podcast aggregate. So now our podcast is even easier to access and listen to on the go!


For those of you who may have been opposed to listening to our show in iTunes or maybe couldn’t listen to it on iTunes, we hope this new outlet will help you out. It is quite an honor to be accepted into the Stitcher family, and I hope we don’t disappoint. Or, if we do disappoint, I hope we don’t disappoint any less.

As for the show itself, nothing’s going to change (why would it?). I mean, it isn’t like we’re running with the big dogs now. It’s not like we are competing with SModcast or MSNBC or NPR or Gonna Geek or anything like that. And, it’s not like we have the possibility of being nominated for awards or anything. Nah. No pressure.

Again, we are really excited to be opening the podcast (and soon Stuff & Thangs) to a whole new audience of podcast listeners. Thanks for your continued support, and for letting us just sit down and bullshit for your entertainment. Onwards and upwards, chums!

So, if you wanna check us out now, you can do so by clicking the photo above or the link here which will lead you to our backlog. I would add the embeded player to this post, but WordPress is refusing to cooperate with me today. I’ll get that up as soon as possible.

❤ Leroy


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