Stuff & Thangs, Episode 9 – 409

Ahoy, survivors! We are back with an all-new episode of Stuff & Thangs: A Walking Dead Companion Podcast! This week, Greg and I tear into this episode, “Alone“, or actually more into Carl, who has been acting like a complete jerk since leaving the prison. But, just as things are flowing smoothly, we are sidetracked by photos from the Walking Dead: XXX Porn Parody that came up in image searches while we were looking for photos of Carl eating chocolate pudding. It was then that we discovered how easily taken out of a scene I am by the smallest of goofs, and that realization changed my life forever.

Who knew that a porn could cause such reflection?

Hey, jerk, that's Sam's pudding. Give it back!

Hey, jerk, that’s Sam’s pudding. Give it back!

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