Going Back to Classic Who For New Series

Wanted to drop a quick line about the new series of Doctor Who.

It’s still a while away but director Ben Wheately has dropped a hint about what we can expect coming up. Naturally nothing he says contains any details about the plot. He does however mention the tone, which is something I’ve been interested in a lot lately.

In a recent interview he described the new episodes this way, “It seems to me the episodes that we’re doing now seem more like classic Who. We’re going back to that style.”

This is very exciting because Who has become a very loud and rambunctious thing over the last few years. A lot of that, I think, has to do with Matt’s portrayal of The Doctor. Without a doubt he was fantastic, and his uncanny ability to spit out rapid-fire techno-babble means that the pacing of the stories could take off at a mad sprint. While fun and entertaining, I did find myself feeling a little exhausted by the end of The Time of the Doctor.


Classic who had much more of a slow burn pace. A lot of time was spent to developing the characters and the world, setting everything up for the main plot. I’ve missed this. Peter Capaldi’s casting, and his immense fandom for the show, gave me hope that the show might slow down just a tad.

Now style doesn’t necessarily mean pacing. It could be a reference to the tone of the stories. Some people have speculated that perhaps the new series would take on the almost gothic tone of Tom Baker’s legendary first year. Also a good thing. When Doctor Who is described as dark, I often fear this means the Doctor is going to be some brooding anti-hero, or explosively violent. During Tom Baker’s run darkness was more about atmosphere and horror. And with the director of Kill List and A Field In England at the helm of the first two stories, atmospheric horror could very well be what we’re in for.

Either way I’m pumped and sad we have to wait so long.

*Personal Note: I never wanted to post anything about my outside projects here, but because Let Us Nerd has been such a wonderful home for me, and really provided me with the confidence to pursue certain projects (two of which began here) I thought I’d share my new youtube page for something I’m calling Orange Retro Productions as a strange thank you. Everyone is invited to stop by, have some fun and share.



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