Danny Pink, New Companion?

Yesterday, the BBC announced Samuel Anderson would be joining the cast of Doctor Who in series 8. Exactly what his role is has yet to be confirmed. We know he teaches at Coal Hill High School alongside current companion Clara and former companions Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton.

The first image of him gives off a strong Captain Jack Harkness vibe. Leading me, and everyone else, to think he may be a new companion. Maybe to replace Clara or to fill in the romantic interest spot. Or, it could all be a ruse.

It’s nice to see a bit more color injected back into the TARDIS. Say what you will about Russel T Davies’ time as showrunner, his casting was a little more ethnically (and sexual orientation-ally) varied. So far Moffat (with the exception of a number of side characters) has kept things pretty white and hetero.

The news excited me at first. Clearly documented is my disappointment with the Clara Oswald character. Any hint of her departure would be welcome news. Especially since Moffat writes male characters much better than their fairer counterparts. Then I read this quote from the Moff himself, “… Sam Anderson as Danny Pink will be entering the world of the Doctor. But how and why? Answers are coming later this year in Peter Capaldi’s first series of Doctor Who!”



Anyone remember when people hopped in the TARDIS for the thrill of it? When the hell of mundane life became so unbearable that the only way to survive was to travel around all of space and time in a blue box with a crazy alien?

The Mystery of River Song was a cool twist on the companion. Why he chose Amy was mildly interesting. Who the “impossible girl” was and how she could die over and over got old REAL quick. Now there looks to be more of the same with Mr. Pink (not Steve Buscemi. Unless the secret is Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs was a Time Lord who regenerated when fleeing the hideout and found his way into the TARDIS. Now THAT’S a TWIST).

The J. J. Abrams “Mystery Box” approach can be intriguing, but when it’s overdone with lackluster results (see above) it becomes tiresome.

Of course Moff could be baiting us to keep speculation going until the series 8 premiere. But with all of us curious about the direction our next Doctor will go we (or I) don’t have the energy to wonder about who’s hanging out with him.


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