Stuff & Thangs, Episode 12 – 412 & 413

Ahoy, survivors! We’re back after a week’s absence with an all-new episode of Stuff & Thangs: A Walking Dead Companion Podcast. This week, Greg, Shilo, and I try our best to tackle the episodes that we missed, but ended up wandering into obscurity. While there, we came to the realization that the show itself has become kind of slow and boring. In the end, I posed the proposition that we end this podcast after the end of the show this season. That idea was met will little opposition.

But, before we make any decisions, I thought it would be best to ask you, our humble listeners, what you thought about the matter. So, if you would take a moment to complete the poll below, we’d be much obliged. We’ll let the polling run until 9 p.m. on Sunday, March 16th.  After that, we’ll tally the votes and announce our final decision on next week’s podcast.


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