Ghostbuster ThreeBoot.

For a long time the potential third Ghostbusters film was the sequel that would never be. Other than the fans who didn’t despise Ghostbuster 2 (right here) and Dan Aykroyd, it seemed like the movie nobody wanted either.

At some point during the dozens of false starts, strange plot details, and the inability to track down Bill Murray, I lost all interest.

The death of Harold Ramis seemed like the deciding factor. Even if the plot featured the original guys passing the baton to a new crew, there was NO WAY a new film could be made without Egon.


Then this happened:

“I’ve been reading things online for about four years, speculation on who’s writing, what they’re writing, who’s in it, who we will use, and who’s directing. We’d decided not to comment up till now,” said Ghostbusters 1 & 2 director Ivan Reitman. “When I came back from Harold’s funeral, it was really moving and it made me think about a lot of things. I just finally met with Amy and Doug Belgrad when I got back. I said I’d been thinking about it for weeks, that I’d rather just produce this Ghostbusters. I told them I thought I could help but let’s find a really good director and make it with him.”

I read that on ign and was at a loss.

Let me back up a bit.

Y’all know that as a kid I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other than Star Wars it was probably my favorite thing ever. He-Man running close behind. Well, close on Prince Adam’s heels were the Ghostbusters.

The movies were great and the cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters, was like crack. My earliest film going memory was falling asleep on the way to the Drive-In to see Ghostbusters 2. These guys are as much a part of my DNA as all the nerdy things I absorbed growing up.


All the initial rumors of a third film got me excited. While I admit that GB2 was a misstep, I’m one of those who feels the concept could be explored in any direction. The cartoon TOTALLY worked and would be amazing to see on a big screen. But with all the constant teasing, with nothing substantial coming out, I just couldn’t invest in the hype anymore. I still believed that with all the right people assembled they could do something great, but it would never happen.

Then Mr. Reitman said, “I’m not going to say how many Ghostbusters there will be in the new cast, but we are determined to retain the spirit of the original film, and I am pleased that all of this seems to have happened organically.

“I’m hoping we can get started by the fall, set in New York, but given the logistics and the stuff that happens, the beginning of 2015 seems more likely.”


Sort of a sequel. A new cast. Kind of a reboot.

So how do I react? I want to believe it will happen. I hope it will be as good as it can be. With new Star Wars sequels, a new Peanuts movie, The Incredibles 2, (movies I never thought would happen) it seems possible. But is it?

This could mean a new awesome cartoon, with kick ass toys, and merch. Part of me feels like a battered puppy. I want to trust Reitman so BAD. He’s been good to me for years. However all these teases make me nervous.

Please throw me a bone, Ivan.

(Oh and I heard a rumor about Andy Samberg being considered. Don’t. You. Dare.)


2 thoughts on “Ghostbuster ThreeBoot.

  1. My honest prediction is that any sequel/reboot that they make will only disappoint. It’ll feel too disconnected. Which gets me back to my whole point about how audiences are to blame for bad movies. They endlessly demand unnecessary sequels only to end up disappointed with them.

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