Stuff & Thangs, Episode 13 – 414 (It’s Spoop-tacular!)

Ahoy, survivors! We’re back with a very late edition of Stuff & Thangs. We are getting near the end! With an outpouring of votes (presumably one vote from the internet troll @Jakestatefarm82) it is decided that this podcast will be no more after the season finale of The Walking Dead. I know, your hearts are probably aching. But, never fear, because we have another fun-filled and spoopy episode for you!

This week, Greg, Shilo, and myself discuss the episode “The Grove” for all of five minutes before taking a trip down a very spooky road: ghosts. Yes, friends, we sat down on the couch for and discussed ghosts, poltergeists, sasquatches, aliens, and the like for over an hour. So, if the paranormal doesn’t strike your fancy, then you might want to pass this episode up completely.

See, this is what happens when there’s nothing to talk about anymore! You hear me, Kirkman? Can you hear me through all the gold coins?

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