Let Us Podcast, Ep. 48 – Birthday With The Brute

That’s right, nerds! We’re back with another edition of Let Us Podcast. This week, it’s my birthday, and to celebrate, I… read a story? Long, long ago I put fingers to keys and pounded out a 60-page tale of mockery and bullshit called Breakfast With the Brute. While searching my hard drive for a song that Greg recorded for me on my 19th birthday, I stumbled upon the story, and hilarity ensued. What did we learn from all this you may be wondering? It’s simple:

Where there are masses, there will be sweet asses.

Those, my friend, are words to live by. Take them. May they serve you well.

If we bored you with the story, I’m sorry. If you liked what you heard, e-mail me at one of the addresses below and I’ll send you the full copy, free of charge and rife with errors! 

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Manifest Destiny.


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