Stuff & Thangs, Episode 15 – 416 (A Walking Dead Companion Finale)

Ahoy, survivors! Welcome to the last episode of Stuff & Thangs: A Walking Dead Companion Podcast. This week, we welcome the lovely Kelly Bray, former podcaster at 5 Seconds in the Paint, to talk about the Walking Dead season 4 finale, “A“. And, to make things extra special for our companion finale, we actually stayed on topic! Well, it was made easier with Kelly asking great questions, and the episode actually being a nail biter.

We’d like to thank everyone who listed to this Walking Dead companion podcast. It was a fun experiment into making a podcast on a single subject. For us, it didn’t pan out so well. But, the experiment has taught us a few things, and made us a few friends along the way. Be sure to keep coming back to us here at Let Us Nerd, because it’s hard to tell what new podcasts or projects may be lurking just around the corner. Who knows, it may even be something familiar that you’ll get to see in a new way…

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Until next time.


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