Stuff & Thangs, Episode 16 – Roll Away Your Stone, Chorizo Fiesta Santa Negro Picante

Like Batman from the Lazarus Pit, or Agent Coulson in T.A.H.I.T.I., Stuff & Thangs is reborn! We have shed our mortal constraints (i.e. the subtitle “A Walking Dead Companion Podcast“) and return to you as a podcast that will deal with all things television. Rejoice!

This week, Greg and I (minus our esteemed co-host Shilo “Meat Cannon” Summers) sit down by the fire to discuss the rebirth of our beloved podcast. We also touch upon our feelings for ArrowAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the FX’s new series, Fargo. We also get into a little spoiler-filled talk about the FX’s The Americans as well. Allthewhile blending our unique style of humor to give birth to a Canadian narwal boy named Jimmy.

As for future installments of Stuff & Thangs, we plan on discussing the goings on of weekly TV series and shows while also digging into whatever older shows we may be playing catch up on at the time. As usual, you can expect us to go off topic at times or fall into fantastical whimsy when the mood is right or you’ll hear Greg talk about his sex life. All topics are fair game!

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Until next time.


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