Stuff & Thangs, Episode 17 – This Is a Serious One, Guys

We’re back with another edition of the all-new Stuff & Thangs podcast! This week, Greg and I chill out on the couch and discuss the recent discovery of a landfill full of E.T.: The Extraterrestrial Atari games that was recently unearthed in New Mexico. Afterward, we begin to discuss the shows of the week: Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fargo, and Those Who Kill when things take a serious turn.

Recently, we’ve been hearing stories of people we’ve either: a) known personally or b) known of getting into trouble with the authorities for a plethora of reasons. Somehow, in the middle of talking about TV, we wander off into the somber realm of disappointment and despair for species. But, things turn around in the end, and we finish on a positive note.

It’s hard to tell what each new Let Us Nerd podcast will bring! So, that’s why you need to be sure to subscribe to Stuff & Thangs on iTunes and Stitcher Internet Radio.  Also, be sure to check out Let Us Podcast, which is also available on iTunes, and also on Stitcher Internet Radio! And, as always:

Hate Mail

Love Mail

Until next time.


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