What’s New In The New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer?

The a-holes are back! The galaxy’s greatest defenders, the Guardians of the Galaxy, have returned with an extended trailer and some new scenes that showcase new characters. Ah, hell, it’s all the new you could ask for in a single two minute clip. You can check it out below.

So, what’s so new about this trailer? Well, let me show you dear friend. You know, just in case you missed it.

1. The Nova Corps

Nova Prime

The Nova Corps, an elite group of galactic policemen, are popular within Marvel comic book universe. It came as a surprise to me that Marvel was able to snag a great acting talent as Glenn Close (it shouldn’t have now, with all the awesome talent they’ve been able to drag in post-Avengers) to play the role of Nova Prime, the highest-ranking member of the Corps. As far as I know, we haven’t gotten to see her in that role until now.

This is also the first time that we get to see corpsmen in full uniform. I’m sure some of the fighting in the movie will be between the Guardians and the Nova Corps.

Nova Corp

2. Groot Speaks!

Groot With GirlIf you know anything about the comics, you know that Groot, the large walking tree from the Lord of the Rings, isn’t really much of a talker. Well, let’s say he doesn’t have a wide variety of things to say. All he can say is, “I am Groot,” and that’s about it. Of course, he says it in different tones and with different inflections to distinguish his feelings. But, that’s really it.

We get to hear the vocal stylings of Vin Diesel in this trailer for the first time. Much like he did when he was the Iron Giant, Vin has to push himself to the extreme for this role. Remember, he has to say multitudes with just three single words. THREE. WORDS. Damn.

All I’ve got to say is that if Marvel can pull off Groot, then DC should be able to put Onomatopoeia on the big screen, too. I’ll just leave it at that. You hear me, DC?

3. The Raccoon Speaks!

Rocket Raccoon 2

Rocket Raccoon seemed to be the character everyone had a problem with when it came to speaking. Nevermind the fact that there is a talking tree (see above) talks and moves and regrows and stuff. It seems that when you start making a realistic-looking raccoon talk, the nerdy shit hits the fan.

But, that’s not what I’m having trouble with. Now, I won’t pretend that I’ve been reading comics for a long time or that I started reading GOTG before it was hip, but I will say that when I did start reading the new Brian Michael Bendis run, I had a very different voice in mind for Rocket. It was one that was less manly and more, well, Scrappy Dappy Doo.

In the series, Rocket is always commenting on things while he’s fighting. It’s always things like, “Blam! Murdered ya,” and “Got ya, sucker,” and stuff like that. Seeing that he’s a wild animal who loved to scrap, I made his voice more like a cartoon character. But, I guess Bradley Cooper’s voice acting is okay. I just think it’ll get kind of weird if he says, “Murdered ya” in a voice fit for Gerardo Mejía.

4. This Shot of Star Lord

I'm not going to lie. He looks pretty badass.

I’m not going to lie. He looks pretty badass.

All-in-all, I thought the trailer looked great. Captain America: The Winter Soldier left me on a Marvel movie high, which means that I am more than excited to see this film. I almost can’t wait for it to get here! Is it August yet?

What did you think of the new trailer? Did it reinforce your hope for the film, or leave you feeling less enthused? 


One thought on “What’s New In The New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer?

  1. Every new piece of material surrounding this makes me happier and happier. I was worried about Cooper voicing Rocket, but it seems to work ok. Billy West did an amazing job voicing him in Ultimate Spider-Man. I was hoping they’d go that route, or make him gruff, just something WAY out there. I think Cooper’s voice playing it so strait grounds the character, which will be needed for general audiences watching such a zany concept movie.

    And Groot always makes me smile.

    The Guardians and Nova have become my all-time favorite Marvel properties over the last year, and I am alarmingly excited to see them here.

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