In Russia, MARVEL Movie Trailers Entertain YOU For All The Wrong Reasons

Yesterday, I saw a trailer posted on GeekTyrant that featured the Guardians of the Galaxy overdubbed in Russian. I got quite a kick out of it, especially when Drax the Destroyer is kicking a guy in the face, and the grunts and groans the Russian actor made were so lifeless and comical. So, I couldn’t help but search for other Marvel Studios film trailers with Russian overdubs.

Here’s what I found:

Guardians of the Galaxy

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Thor: The Dark World

Iron Man 3

*NOTE: Don Cheadle’s voice came as a complete surprise. And, I’m pretty sure the guy who voices Tony Stark also voices nearly everyone else in the film.*

The Avengers

After getting to hear what the Russian Nick Fury sounds like, I think it would be in Russian moviegoers’ best interest to just learn English and enjoy the vocal stylings of Samuel L. Jackson. What did you think? Pretty entertaining, huh?


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