Let Us Podcast, Ep. 53 – The Extra Bits

Ahoy, nerds! We’re back with an all-new (sort of) episode of Let Us Podcast. This week, due to the holiday weekend, Greg and I have decided to take the day off. So, in lieu of a newly recorded episode, I sat down and put together an episode out of the pre-show recordings (what I call the “Extra Bits”) that we’ve collected over nearly 100 episodes of Let Us Podcast and Stuff & Thangs.

If you didn’t know, Greg and I don’t really fake anything when it comes to the way we podcast. How we talk on the show is how we talk to each other on a daily basis. So, I tried to pull some of the random stories, random facts, and utter bullshit from those extra bits to give you something that I hope is both entertaining and an informative look into what we do before we do the podcast.

These are the shows from which I pulled the extra bits:

Let Us Podcast, Ep. 44

Let Us Podcast, Ep. 45

Let Us Podcast, Ep. 46

Let Us Podcast, Ep. 52

Stuff & Thangs, Episode 18

Stuff & Thangs, Episode 20

Above all else, though, have an enjoyable Memorial Day, and please keep those who have been lost and those still serving to preserve our freedom in your thoughts and hearts today.

Be sure to subscribe to our other podcast, Stuff & Thangs, on iTunes and Stitcher. Also, be sure to subscribe to Let Us Podcast, which is also available on iTunes and Stitcher. And, as always:

Hate Mail


Love Mail


Manifest Destiny.


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