Stuff & Thangs, Episode 22 – Dinner’s Ready

That’s right, we’re back with an all new edition of Stuff & Thangs! This week, Greg and I forgo the talk about TV (neither of us watched the latest episode of Fargo) and decided to chat about the proper ways to sext a lady, why I’m getting rid of satellite TV, and what really grinds my gears. You see, I did a lot of talking this time around, because Greg hasn’t been getting much sleep since moving into his new apartment. So, if I went on too long, it was because Greg wasn’t fully there to reign me in.

My apologies for all the political ranting. But, for the sake of keeping the discussions on the podcast as true as possible, I decided to keep the political stuff in the show. It may offend some of you, and if so, I apologize. But, that does not mean I change my opinion. In the end, those opinions are my own, and I shall take any consequence that may come from airing them.

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Hate Mail

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Until next time.


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