Let Us Podcast, Ep. 55 – Snack-Snake Jackson, A Drinker and A Fiend!

That’s right, nerds. We’re back for yet another episode of Let Us Podcast! This week, Greg is in charge of editing and posting, just like old times! You heard me right: Greg is in charge. I will be a most gracious host and get to the point: this week, Leroy and I are broadcasting from my house, talking about the deaths of many low-level celebs (including the impending suicide of our own Leroy Brumage), read Pat Sajak’s tweets, and get a short visit from our old friend (and my new roommate) Shilo “Sugar Puss” Summers, in which we talk about what she likes to do in the privacy of her own room.

Just as we teased in this episode, I will have control of Let Us Nerd Airwaves for the week, and I’ve got a few tricks lined up for you. Stay tuned this week for some unexpected goodies.

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Manifest Destiny.



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