STAR WARS Update: Harrison Ford Out For 8 Weeks

The new Star Wars VII news this weeks comes in the form of a downer than an uplifting story. It was announced this week that Harrison Ford, who plays our favorite scoundrel Han Solo, will be missing eight weeks of filming due to his accident on the Millennium Falcon. You know, the ship that Lando Calrissian called, “The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.”

Let’s emphasize the word “junk,” shall we?

Ford was filming a scene at the famous Pinewood Studios, 20 miles west of London, when the hydraulic door of the Millenium Falcon fell, crushing Ford underneath. The 71-year-old actor was flown to a nearby hospital where he will likely need a plate and screws put into has ankle, according to his son Ben. Also, according an article by the UK Daily Mail, Ford may continue with shooting soon, but only in scenes that require him to be shot from the waist up.

Or, better yet, why doesn’t he just let the Wookie drive?

Relaxing Chewbacca

Letting Chewbacca drive is the same as letting the Wookie win.


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