Stuff & Thangs, Episode 31 – Shilo Makes It Sexy

That’s right! We’re back with an all-new episode of Stuff & Thangs. This week, Greg, Shilo, and I discuss the passing of Joan Rivers (if you’re a fan of hers, you may not like some of what you hear). Then, we decide to turn the lights down low as Shilo recounts a recent casual sexual encounter with a mysterious male. This leads us into a talk on love and relationships. Prepare to wipe the steam off your spectacles.

It’s hard to tell what each new Stuff & Thangs podcast will bring! So, that’s why you need to be sure to subscribe to Stuff & Thangs on iTunes and Stitcher Internet Radio.  Also, be sure to check out Let Us Podcast, which is also available on iTunes, and also on Stitcher Internet Radio! And, as always:

Hate Mail

Love Mail

What are you gonna do when you go to sleep?


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