Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood Review

If Into the Dalek was a step up from Deep Breath, Robot of Sherwood is a leap forward. Doctor Who needed this. A totally comic episode to lift the weight brought on by the loss of Matt Smith and the transition to Capaldi. There is a touch of darkness on the fringes of the story, but the majority of what goes on is sheer farce, and I am thankful for it.

As far as story goes, there isn’t much of one. Nearly everything that happens has been seen before. The motivations of the Robots has been done time and time again. They actually just reminded me as a composite of the Cybermen and the Clockwork Robots. Getting captured, only to bicker and find an unexpected way out, was done as recently as the 50th anniversary special. All of this serves as an excuse to get The Doctor and Robin Hood together.

Their constant dick measuring is really what makes the episode work. Again, something we’ve seen the Doctor do before, but when up against such a boisterous ham like Robin Hood makes the whole thing shine. His perfect grin. The Doctor’s cross eyebrows and mad sneer. Just perfect.


A big surprise for me was Clara. Here was an episode that gave her an excuse to be as annoyingly spunky as she wanted, and she held back a bit. Instead of cocking her head to the side, smirking, and trying to out-talk everyone around her, she was in genuine awe of Robin Hood, realistically pissed off at his and The Doctor’s childish feuding, and held her own against the sheriff. At no point did I cringe while watching her try to be something she’s not. I bought her the whole time.

Other than that there isn’t much to say. Mark Gatiss penned a wonderfully wacky script, that was given life by wonderful actors, even the Merry Men were a joy, that was easily digestible and fun.


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