Stuff & Thangs Finale – Roll Back Your Stone, Chorizo Fiesta Santa Negro Picante!

You read the title right. This episode will be the last episode of Stuff & Thangs. The choice to end the show was all my own. With my third child’s due date looming, and with my renewed focus on my writing, I decided that doing two shows a week wouldn’t work for me personally anymore. Besides, when we get down to it, Greg and I don’t watch that much TV anymore, and we haven’t been to the theater to see a movie since Guardians of the Galaxy. So, for us to maintain a show that is supposed to be about television and movies is pretty silly. Basically, when we recorded both S&T and Let Us Podcast during the week, it was like we were just recording two episodes of Let Us Podcast anyway. In other words, you won’t be missing out with the absence of Stuff & Thangs.

We’d like to thank our one listener, Stephen Gertz, and our one hater, @Jakestatefarm82, for making things interesting. To Jake, we are sorry that we couldn’t make the episode of Cats & Thangs that would have sent you over the crumbling crevice that is your sanity. And Stephen, sorry we couldn’t get Jake on to make fun of him. Every job in life you have will be left with some sort of regret when you go, and this on is no exception. Remember, you can still hear us on Let Us Podcast if you truly miss us that much. If not, well we don’t miss you either, and good riddance.


Leroy Brumage


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