Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER Book Profile: Intro

Stephen KingThis weekend marks the ten year anniversary of the completion of the DARK TOWER series.  I know what you’re all thinking: I already wrote a long, 4-part look at the work of Stephen King, where I discussed THE DARK TOWER SERIES quite a bit.  However, after revisiting the series yet again, it occurred to me that there was something else I could do that would be more accessible to the casual fan and might be beneficial to everyone, and that was to actually review each of the seven books individually in a quick breakdown!  Seven books, seven profile pages, a nice ka-tet of web-articles.  Since 1998, this series has been part of my life; in 2004 it was completed, and it’s still popular a decade later.  That is the degree of sai King’s influence.

Why only the seven books?  What about the side-stories?

In my opinion, the seven core books are what truly make up THE DARK TOWER series.  The short story THE LITTLE SISTERS OF ELURIA and the novel THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE are both just tangential material.  Entertaining, yes, but not really necessary.  As for the Marvel comics, I’ve heard very good things about them, including that they even improve on King’s original story.  Regardless, I’m not well-versed enough with them to critique them.  For me, it’s all about the seven books!

Regarding Spoilers: My general guideline is that I will only spoil plot elements from up-to-and-including the book being profiled.  So if you’re currently on Book Six, you can read my profiles for the first five, etc.  However, because the saga is so dense and full of interconnected narratives, this is still tough to do, and so on occasion I might have to foreshadow and reveal a thing or two.  Honestly, that’s the nature of literary criticism, and if I constantly have to censor myself from discussing a plot in extreme detail, I’m shortchanging the quality of my critique.  Cry your pardon, folks, but if you’re someone who’s extremely sensitive to spoilers, you shouldn’t be hanging out on blog posts talking about books you’re still reading.  So now you’ve been warned.

If you’re ready to enter the first book, you may click here, for there are other worlds than these.


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