Top 5 Geeky Must See New York Super Week (New York Comic Con) Events (by a completely non biased nerd rock musician.)


5) The New York Comic Con itself.

Well, should this be on the list?  Of course, because the con has now extended its hours to include a myriad of activities. You can sit in on a panel in which Rotten Tomatoes critics battle the Uber Fans or you can go to a screening of the ReedPop Fandom Film Fest, or you can just sleep under the Dothraki Food Court while you wait in line for tickets to go rock out at Rock Comic Con.

New York Comic Con, Jacob Javits Center, Oct. 9-12


4) Neil Gaiman on NPR’s Ask Me Another.

Ask Me Another is the rambunctious live show from NPR that blends brainteasers, pub trivia, comedy and music into an evening of hilarity.

AND the Special guest is the one and only Neil Gaiman,  probably one of the  greatest authors to ever wear a leather jacket! Many of us are devoted fans of his work, but to HEAR him talk out loud, well that’s something else. I mean, he has that accent!  (It’s slightly better than putting on a fake Johnny Rotten accent to sing  a Doctor Who song at Rock Comic Con. )

Ask Me Another
Fri. October 10
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
92nd Street Y Kaufmann Concert Hall

RCC 8Logo3

3)  Rock Comic Con

Whoa! Whaaaatt? This Nerd music show has been going for 5 years now, starting in a very dingy basement much like the Beatles did back in the Cavern Club…only nerdier. So, let’s see what we have here. Several reputable underground Nerd bands take the stage along with Live Art by Professional artists from DC and Marvel. GoGo Dancing Superheroes. a Howard the Duck photo booth, prizes and giveaways. What else do you need to get your nerd rock on?

Rock Comic Con  Thu. Oct. 9   7:00PM
Marlin Room at Webster Hall
125 E. 11th Street New York, NY 10003


2) Kevin Smith

Superman and Giant Spiders? C’mon! It doesn’t get any better than listening to Kevin Smith skewer and pull apart the Hollywood system.  (Oh gods of internet, WHY wasn’t his Superman film made?) Here him talk about his new film Tusk, Comic Book Men and, oh,  Jason Mewes.  Which rhymes with spews, which is what punk rockers do…just like Rock Comic Con.

Fat Man On Manhattan: An Evening with Kevin Smith with Special Guest Jason Mewes (originally: An Evening with Kevin Smith)
Sat. October 11
7:30 PM  – 9:00 PM
Hammerstein Ballroom, 311 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001

Wesley Crusher

1) Star Trek Reunion

Any self respecting geek has to be marveling at the fact that they’ve gotten almost every important Trek TNG cast member into the same room. This is pure Star Trek bliss and it’s being moderated by none other than the Shatner. The only real question is “where is Wil Wheaton, dagnabbit?”

(Maybe he’ll be playing the clarinet at Rock Comic Con. )

Fri. Oct. 10 
7:30 – 9:30 PM
An Evening with the Cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation Moderated by William Shatner 



Jeff LaGreca is an NYC writer, artist, musician… oh, and full disclosure, a producer and founder of Rock Comic Con which is part of New York Super Week. You can get tickets to Rock Comic Con, CD’s and pictures with Howard The Duck at  You can also come visit at the New York Comic Con at Booth #2845.



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