The Best Thing About The Force Awakens Teaser

A major sticking point with me and the idea of an Episode VII is that the story was done. Evil is punished. The good guys win. The rebellion is over. What else is there to say? A sequel series would have to begin a whole new story, and that is when a series starts to whither.

“But the Star Wars universe is so vast,” you claim. “Surely there are other tales to tell.” There are, and there have been. In books, comics, and video games. All of which do an admirable job. Yet none of them are truly Star Wars. That story is done.

Which is why the idea of prequels were, once upon a time, acceptable. They promised to build on that original story. Give it more depth. The prequels tried and, of course, failed, but I could understand that approach. A sequel though? How?

Even when all the news surrounding Episode VII was good – J. J. Abrams directing. Lawrence Kasdan writing. The original cast returning. A varied new cast – I was both excited and cautious. It had a lot going for it, but Star Wars is over.

This morning the teaser was released. There’s a lot of hate for it already. People seem to have forgotten there is a difference between a teaser, a trailer, and the finished film. Unconditional love is also being dished. And it isn’t hard to see why. What few visuals were provided appeared tactile. They harken back to the Star Wars we remember. And the Falcon looks gorgeous.

My favorite image is of the hilted light saber. I love the cold wind. The snow. Above all, the saber looks like Excalibur, really selling the Space Fantasy element of the franchise. Definitely some Joseph Campbell vibes.

The best thing about the trailer is this: It convinced me that there is merit in beginning a new story. Despite there being no evidence of what the story May be. There is an atmosphere of what could be brewing. Star Wars isn’t over. There is an awakening. And I’m thrilled.


4 thoughts on “The Best Thing About The Force Awakens Teaser

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