Gritty Morphin’ Power Rangers

I guess there’s been a bit of controversy surrounding a Power Rangers Fan Film. There’s lots of blood. There’s nudity. Sex. Some drugs. And DAWSON!


Two words keep circling this impressive, if corny, fan film. The two words that gives every executive at Warner Brothers raging boners when they hear them: DARK and GRITTY. (I’m not counting the and). This ain’t yo daddy’s MMPR. No, Sir! This shit is for grown men! And Women! And people who like Tarantino movies without the snappy dialogue.

Sure the Power Rangers franchise has been going strong for over 20 years by being family friendly – something all ages can enjoy. But in these dark times, if we’re going to take our heroes seriously, we need to drain them of their colors, surround them with death, get them laid and make ’em curse!


Audiences these days are so sophisticated. They won’t stand for something that would be described as light-hearted, or, heavens no!, hopeful. The world isn’t hopeful! It’s violent. Angry. Cold. Colorless. People like to fucking swear! That’s reality. And if we’re going to make heroes realistic, which is of course the point of fantasy entertainment, we have to reflect our times. Power Rangers is nothing if not socially conscious.

The short film was taken down for a while. A lot of people didn’t like their childhood icons being turned into foul mouthed warriors. They want their bright and peppy teenagers with attitude! The again, lots of people really dug their scarred, gravely voiced adults with a “FUCK YOU” attitude! This caused a bit of a tizzy, but now the video is back. You can watch it, if you want. I did.

Let’s get real for a minute. Not Dark and Gritty. But actually real. Why not look at the franchise that has made generations of kids happy for more than two decades? The Power Rangers has been, and always will be, a cash grab. Saban is a smart dude, who realized you can spend a little, and make a TON, by purchasing the rights to a Japanese property, inserting American teenagers, and selling toys. LOTS of toys. That. Is. It. The Power Rangers exist to make money.

Making them kill people, or do coke, doesn’t make them any more adult. Enjoying something with swearing does not make you a grown up. Bitching about a fan film, which was made for fun, does not make you a true fan of something. Just lighten up.

I’ll end this with a guy I usually turn to for these sorts of things: Andre The Black Nerd. Take it away, sir!


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