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It’s a good time to be a female nerd. Once upon a time, not too long ago, there weren’t too many options for clothing for nerdy ladies. Yes, we could purchase the baggie tees that our male counterparts wear so well, but, outside of Halloween costumes, we didn’t have many clothing options that catered to the female form. When Hot Topic started selling Harry Potter gear in women’s cuts in the 2000s, I was beside myself with joy: now I could wear my nerdiness in a stylin’ way.

Thankfully, Hot Topic was just the first place that I noticed selling nerdy products in women’s fit. I still love to wear clothes that express my interests, and we ladies now have our pick of places to shop. It’s a wonderful world! I’m here to share a few of my favorite clothing finds and vendors with fellow ladies who want to expand their nerdy closets, as well as for the gents who may want to buy their out-of-this-world woman something she can wear to show her love for her favorite fandom.

One site I like to peruse is Qwertee, a British clothing company that lets artists submit their designs, and users vote on designs they want to purchase. Then, the design that receives the most votes is on sale for 24 hours. They sell the tees in men and women’s sizes. I snagged this design awhile back, and it’s one of my favorites to nerd out in:


A recent great nerdy clothing find has been Clashist, which has a lot of pop culture designs, for example, a collage of Ryan Gosling’s face on pants, socks, or tees. I found them because of this gorgeous Labyrinth shirt, which I saw somewhere on social media (I don’t remember where, because I blacked out from excitement within seconds of learning of its existence). The shirt had power over me; I loved it and I had to do as it said (“buy me.”)


ThinkGeek has a lot going on, in addition to clothing. They sell many different products, from Star Wars cookie cutters to The Hunger Games jackets to Dalek ice cub trays. Their clothing includes shirts, bathrobes, tees, socks, and dresses.

Photo credit: Catherine Moran

Who says the Doctor has to be a man? (Photo credit: Catherine Moran)

Bonus: ThinkGeek also sells fun underwear, like this superhero set:


Society6 works with artists to bring their work from the page to other formats, including bags, home décor, phone cases, and clothing. The customer gets to choose the color and style of the product they want, which is a fun interactive element. Nan Lawson is one of my favorite artists, so I’m highlighting her here for this fabulous The Walking Dead piece:


Lawson loves Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Amelie, Pushing Daises, and Breaking Bad as much as I do, and all of her prints are appropriately nerdy and gorgeous. The v-neck that Society6 offers is a nice look for nerdy girls, but the tanks and hoodies are equally cute.

Disclaimer here: I’m a sucker for leggings, because I do a lot of yoga. So, the rest of the post caters to that particular interest, more or less. I love fun yoga pants, but I’m also a fan of wearing leggings in the comfort of my home. One of my favorite sites to buy nerdy leggings from is the Australian company BlackMilk, but their pants cost a pretty penny. They have done a number of fandoms as leggings, tees, bathing suits, and leggings, including Disney and Harry Potter. For example, check out this map of Westeros dress:


And this C-3PO bathing suit:


I’m a big fan of their Middle Earth and (as unnamed) Doctor Who collections:

(Photo credit: Catherine Moran)

(Photo credit: Catherine Moran)

(Photo credit: Catherine Moran)

(Photo credit: Catherine Moran)

Hello, sexy, indeed.

Finally, there is always fun stuff to be found on Etsy. You can order things made to your specifications, or poke around until you find a gem like these:


Whether you’re shopping for Comic-Con or just for something to make you feel good while dancing around your apartment making breakfast on a Saturday morning, the internet can hook you up. Do you have any favorite websites that sell nerdy clothes? Asking for myself, but also for friends.


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