Let Us Podcast, Ep. 84 – Now With More Kevin Spacey

That’s right, nerds! We are back with another (and final?) edition of Let Us Podcast. In this episode, Greg and I sit down with my lady Ashley, Queen of the Perpetual Eye Roll, and Eric Smallwood Kevin Spacey as we play a nice, friendly, and non-competitive game of Phase 10. While doing so, we talk about the issues: Josh Duggar, Star Wars, and Kevin Spacey’s upcoming role in Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards, where Kevin Spacey will be battling Kevin Spacey as a Civil War soldier. Kevin Spacey.

Oh yeah, we are ending Let Us Podcast. But, wait, before you start with the tears, we aren’t going away again. Oh no. We are ending LUP to bring back Stuff & Thangs! Why you ask? Well, that’s because we like the S&T theme song way better than LUP’s. And the name’s catchy, too. So, you can catch up on LUP with episode 85 of Stuff & Thangs (we aren’t changing the numbering of the podcasts). And you will be able to keep on getting the shows as you were through your iTunes and Stitcher subscriptions.

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Love Mail


We’re gone, but not googus.


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