Stuff & Thangs, Episode 96 – Bone, Thugs, & Thangs

Good evening and welcome to another edition of Stuff & Thangs, a podcast about everything and nothing all at once. I am your moderator for this evening, Leroy Brumage. Tonight you will hear two grown men discuss politics. Yes, I know, that’s all anyone seems to talk about these days, but the clock on the 2016 election is running out. The stakes couldn’t be higher this year, with the two large party candidates being that of an experience, dedicated woman and a glowing, radioactive Twinkie with a Napoleon complex (in both length and girth).

So tonight we will discuss the second presidential debate, how it pertains to us and our country. Then we discuss the most pressing issue of all — how amazingly fantastic the Mr. Ken Bone is. Oh, what a treat he is.

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