A Word from The Nerds

A long time ago, on a bus trip to a city far, far away…

Two nerds came together over a late-night conversation about a wax figure of Elton John. That conversation seemingly cemented a deep blooming friendship at that time, one that has continued to this day, almost a decade later.

Fast forward to the recent past. These two nerds have taken journeys together that have led them deep into the nerd world: travelling hours to see Batman in IMAX, speaking at length about the Star Wars vs. Star Trek controversy, spending late, drunken nights in a cold garage playing Lord of the Rings Monopoly. Most recently, the conversation has turned to sequential art: comic books. One of the last, but highest, bastions of nerddom that either has ever reached (not including that month or so that Greg was really heavy into D&D.)

So, what are we (and you, for that matter) doing here?

I’m glad you asked.

Finally, the two nerds have coalesced, bringing to the Interweb a nerd blog of monstrous proportions… eventually. As for now, we only have a handful of writers on hand. But, our writer base and fan base will (hopefully) grow over time, bringing more entertaining and informing bits of nerdness to the masses.

Sounds great, right?


Look for plenty of good stuff to come. Watch us multiply like a wet mogwai.

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3 thoughts on “A Word from The Nerds

    • Thanks! Just went poking around at your site and subscribed to your podcast on iTunes. Can’t wait to hear what you guys have to offer! If it helps, Let Us Podcast is on iTunes as well, if that helps to get caught up. We only have 19 episodes and 2 “Let Us Roll” specials up right now.

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