Allison Stine

My name is Allison Stine. I grew up in Fairmont, WV pretty much on a farm. From a young age I was labeled a geek or nerd, which I embraced as I most definitely was in the folds of the nerd nation. It explains a lot when I say one of my favorite movies at about age six was Monty Python and The Holy Grail. In school I was a socially awkward child which made me none too popular with the other kids. Soon I found a niche in 4-H but that was out of school. So, I found my escape in the written word.

Oh how I fell in love with books, poems, and comics (mostly later in life to no fault of my own). I ate up every sci-fi, science, ancient history, fantasy, and craft book I could get my hands on. Outdoors became an escape as well. A nonathletic individual, I took to climbing trees and hiking as a sort of secret of my own and the woods around my home became my land of make believe and big dreams. To this day my escape is a book or a sketchpad on a log in the woods somewhere. Also I am a big craftster as well. Painting, spinning yarn, felting, knitting, or just about anything else unless it is crochet. Thoroughly I am convinced it is evil and I am cursed to make balls of knots instead of pretty lace.

Off and on growing up we would have cable or antenna. In result television has been mostly a neutral interest for me since it was inconsistent and most of my family had polar opposite interests as me. Batman the Animated Series was and still is one of my favorite shows. This started my love of the Gotham World. Also I watched Charmed, Deep Space Nine, Stargate, Buffy, Smallville, and many others. Any show about the paranormal, sci-fi, history, or cryptozoology I was there. I am currently trying to get caught up and/or started on The Walking Dead, Dr. Who, Ghost Adventures, Bigfoot Hunters, Ancient Aliens, and Arrow.

For two years I attended West Virginia University where I ran into various difficulties. In fact the normal factors of dropping out were not my problem. I love learning but I found it difficult to just make it by and took a hard look at my major and if it was worth it. Originally I had began with an Animal and Nutritional Sciences degree which I believed would be a safe and lucrative degree. Science was always a passion of mine after all. However, my heart craved creativeness, literature, and freedom from the confines of the scientific process. Many times I looked hard at going back for journalism or an art degree but I can not qualm the fears of a lack of jobs and a harsh economy. So I have decided trade school will be my route and I will be an electrician by trade and writer, artist, craftster, and science-history nerd on my off hours. For now I am living the fabulous life of a janitor five nights out of the week and Catwoman on my nights off… if only that were true.

My current nerdful things I may be writing about are:

  • Women in Comics
  • Cryptids and Cryptozoology
  • Books
  • Nerdy History
  • Geeky Science
  • Awesome nerdy DIY craft projects (not the lame stuff you find on regretsey)
  • and other random nerd topics

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