David Schreiner

I was a 12 year old in a Los Angeles suburb when I learned about “Magic Cards.” They hit me in the face and I got a job to feed my addiction to the cardboard crack.

But then girls, high school, sports…

Fast forward to being an “adult” fresh out of college, and I discovered all my friends from home were HUGE NERDS with boxes of sleeved comics and piles of Magical “cards.”

gross horchataspainsmall

“Oh it’s on” may have been uttered. As if I could ever escape the part of me that loved D&D…

Now I split my time between writing for an SEO company, pursuing my passion in economic development and Latin American policy issues, and reading everything written about Magical Gatherings. Although I’m sure my wife wishes I’d end this expensive love affair with a collectible card game targeted at tweens, I got that ink in my veins.

Hit me up if you want to learn more about Magic: The Gathering, why EDH is the best format, why Robert Kirkman is probably better than you, or how you can balance family life with an intense hobby.

One love

Twitter: @MdaveCS


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