not the droids

You clicked on the “Podcasts” link on the menu at the top of the page, didn’t you?

Well, you really aren’t supposed to. No lie.

Just hover over the “Podcasts” link, and a drop-down menu will, well… drop down. All the links are there. I promise.


One thought on “Podcasts

  1. Greetings From Transylvania!

    Ahhh yes…Transylvania. Home of Transylvania Television! The “Retro-Monster Comedy That’s NOT For Kids”!

    If you aren’t familiar with Transylvania Television (we call it TVTV for short), then NOW is the time to check it out!

    TVTV is currently available on a new web video platform called SEEKA.TV

    All of TVTV’s existing full-length episodes are there…and BONUS! Just before Halloween 2017, THREE NEW EPISODES will premiere exclusively on SEEKA!

    So if you think the idea of an all-puppet sitcom for grown-ups is your cuppa, then cruise on over to SEEKA.TV, sign up and start watching the monster madness of Transylvania Television! Even better? ITS FREE!

    Remember, that’s http://www.seeka.tv

    Thanks for watching!

    -Gordon Smuder
    co-creator, Transylvania Television
    TVTV owned by Transylvania Television Workshop, LLC.

    P.S. Yeah…I feel all kinds of spammy about this. But finding contact info wasn’t happening, so…

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