Sam Jones

My name is Sam Jones and I am a history nerd. While other kids were going to the beach on vacation with their families, I was traveling to Antietam Battlefield, Harper’s Ferry, and various other historical sites. Once, I went to VMI and saw Stonewall Jackson’s horse Little Sorrel on display. From an early age, I knew that I would never be cool, having been blessed with bad eyesight and bad teeth, I had glasses and braces throughout middle school.

In my youth, I had a fascination with old bridges. In fact, I would continuously check out Covered Bridges of West Virginia (I recently scored an autographed copy of through Amazon and The Philipi Covered Bridge pre-fired is on the dust jacket!). I was also fascinated by a regional history book that my dad bought through the local newspaper and would flip through it every few days. I also really liked the American Girl series and was into Colonial America.

While in middle school, I went through a lot of phases with history. First, I was really interested in the Mayflower and then I was interested in the Reformation, Vasco Da Gama, the Inca, and West Virginia history. I also thought Ponce De Leon was pretty stellar. When I got to high school, I became interested in the 1960s counterculture and started listening to a lot of music from the era and dressing really weird. I also was into eastern religions and philosophies and was kind of obsessed with the Mongols.

After spending a year or so as a culinary major, I finally started majoring in history. While obtaining my history degree, I became all about Eastern Europe. Now, I am working on a Social Studies ed. degree and dress as a Indian at a historical site.

Besides history, I love geography. Landforms are amazing and those five themes are super important, because geography is all around us (Jim Young said that). I also like civics and government and I have an interest in economics. I guess I just like all of the areas of social studies and I will talk to people about them even if they aren’t interested. Hopefully, this provides and outlet for me to talk about things that are on my mind so that my husband doesn’t have to keep hearing me talk about the Warsaw Pact.


Nerd Out Here...

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