Sara Rowley

I come from parts unknown. An odd beginning to a bio, but trust me, I’m much more exciting this way. I’m new to Morgantown, and West Virginia as a whole; I came here for law school. I’m still not quite sure how that happened. I worked in the court system for a few years before I came here, so I have some experience in that area, and an interest in legal issues. I hope to work on human rights issues, or animal rights and environmental issues when I graduate. I’m on scholarship and they don’t want me to work while I’m in school, so I have a little extra time, and I’m also a huge nerd…ergo, here I am…

My interests are widely varied, and sometimes bizarre.  Like I said above, I have a serious interest in human rights issues…stuff involving women’s rights, gay rights, The Innocence Project, the Peace Corps, Amnesty International, zombie rights…anything involving human rights issues, and organizations that involve themselves in these issues. These are probably my most socially acceptable interests. Now shits about to get weird.

Star Trek was my earliest obsession. I love Star Trek, all of them! Even Voyager! Actually, I really like Voyager, I don’t get why people dog that show so much…it had the borg throughout the series, which was pretty great…and they brought back Q, Troy, and Reggie from TNG. I’m getting distracted, where was I? Oh, right! So I love anything Star Trek. I credit my father for that, because I grew up with The Next Generation. As you can probably guess, I watch a lot of SciFi movies. I also like cult films. My favorite genre though, is horror. I LOVE horror movies! I watch any kind of horror. I watch B-horror, 80s horror, new horror, low budget horror, classic horror, black and white horror…seriously anything. I love horror conventions too, I’ve
been to several, and I’ve met a bunch of horror movie icons. Some of them were really nice, some of them not so much. Horror conventions are definitely an interesting experience.

I also spend a lot of time  gaming. Mostly computer stuff at the moment, because I can’t afford any of the newer platforms. I play online MMOs and some FPS as well. I play WOW and DDO among other MMOs. As far as FPS games, Half-life, Counterstrike, and Left4Dead are my main games. Then there’s the ones that don’t fall into either category, like Civilization, Portal, Trine2, etc. I’m also into zombies, zombie apocalypse preparedness (cause it’s coming), UFOs, unexplained phenomenon, cryptozoology, ornithology (specifically the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker), and trying to figure out why IceBreaker continues to make grosser and grosser products. See? Like I said, widely varied and strange! Also, I’m deathly afraid of insects…I think that’s pretty much it, thanks for reading. Questions, comments, or suggestions regarding my writing can be e-mailed to me at (it sounds sad I know but I’ve had this for 12 years…I was going through a phase). Thanks for reading!


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